ISO 27001:2013

Information Security Management System.

Key requirement: The ISO 27001 standard is designed to address the risks associated with information theft, either from un-authorised access to printed files or from corruption of electronic data.

Some of the Benefits: It drives the company to be aware of the risks and aspects due to the loss of sensitive data, it also helps companies comply with GDPR and the Data Protection Act.

  • Information Security Policy in relation to your scope of business.
  • Context mind map to identify your scope of operations.
  • Identify the context of business, risks and interested parties.
  • Training and competency records.

Sample of records that need protecting include:

  • Personal details: home address and private telephone numbers.
  • Salary, Bank account, Debts, Pension and Credit Card details.
  • DBS checks (formerly CRB) results of any criminal records.
  • NI number and personal medical information.
  • Driving license or Passport details.
  • Client lists and suppliers.
  • Quotes and sensitive price lists.
  • Company processes and trade secrets.

Data protection under ISO 27001 can include:

  • Entry restriction to buildings, rooms and storage cabinets.
  • Password protection for operating systems and electronically stored data.
  • Password controls.
  • Computer access protection and screen time out procedure.
  • Personal background checks.
  • Anti-virus software and system breach logs.
  • Anti-Malware programs.
  • Encrypted communications and secure file back-up.

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