ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management System.

Key requirement:
ISO 14001 certification helps to prevent pollution and meet all legal, regulatory and statutory obligations.

Reduced wastage, save money, help the environment, reduces the use of non-renewable resources and it helps your company identify and meet its environmental commitments.

Some examples of the ISO 14001 controls required:

  • Environmental Policy in relation to your scope of business.
  • Context mind map to identify your scope of operations.
  • Identify the context of business, risks and interested parties.
  • Training and competency records.
  • Complaints from external interested parties.
  • Records of environmental issues.
  • Audit planner for all clauses.
  • Identify the company’s environmental aspects & impacts.
  • Vetting waste recycling company’s & disposal sites.
  • Identifying and meeting legal compliance requirements.
  • Control of legal, regulatory & statutory documents.
  • Assessment of risks and mitigation of risks.
  • Records of vehicle checks and servicing.
  • Plant and equipment service and maintenance.
  • Emergency planning and operational control.
  • Site permits and waste carriers licenses.
  • Management reviews.
  • Independent internal audits.
  • See the 14001 process stages flowchart

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